Did I forget to say *I have a Migraine, today" and have you heard.. c/c?

Answer Now i know,close to the right category,has Health in it.Wait until they lay eggs.then the fun starts.byeeexxx

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New song I heard on Radio today, Name?

I heard that Kristen Steward died today. What happened?

OMG I must alert Gryfindor Girl right away - she's going to be so excited.

Eastenders...I heard today that Minty and Heather are gonna get together..what do you think...?

Blimey that's a drop in standards from Paul McCartney to Minty!!LOL

Any preventative measures for recurrent migraine attacks or treatment when a migraine is already present?

I recently read that a cold pack on the back of the neck helps. Have you tried that? They said something not really frozen would be best. My suggestion is mix half water and half alcohol and put... Read More »