Did I forget to say *I have a Migraine, today" and have you heard.. c/c?

Answer Now i know,close to the right category,has Health in it.Wait until they lay eggs.then the fun starts.byeeexxx

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I think I have a migraine, what are symptoms of a migraine?

hi i have suffered from migrane headaches for the past 19 years. These are the symptoms:1. real intense pain usually starts in the back of your neck2. you cannot stand the light!3. any kind of noi... Read More »

I have a migraine what should I do to stop the migraine?

Take a hand towel and get it wet wring it out and put it in the microwave for 30 to 40 seconds. Lay it on your face and the back of your neck. You will have to reheat it. This always helped mine... Read More »

I have migraine every day and have to take pain killers... hould I go to the doc I'm 14 by the way...?

It is weird to get migraines all the time, yes. When I was younger I used to get them every day as well, and my mom took me to the dr.'s to get a blood test. They were initially testing for Kidne... Read More »

Have you heard adoption being suggested for a child to have a "normal" life?

Good question, Julie J.Being taken from your parents and family, given a new identity and your real one locked away is as about abnormal as it gets. Fighting with the government to know what your r... Read More »