Did I eat too much today (recovering from an eating disorder)?

Answer No, that's the best way to eat meals. About 5 small portions of simple foods, which is exactly what you did. You could have even eaten more :)

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How to Cope With Weight Changes when Recovering from an Eating Disorder?

Recovering from an eating disorder is tricky and dealing with weight changes is one of the most difficult parts to overcome.

Is binge eating a real eating disorder?

Yes! Get help with the disorder. Most likely you have it if you have all the signs!

Is this an eating disorder....?

Hi, I know how you feel. I'm 13, 5'7", and weight 103 lbs. you are seriously underweight! I feel the same way towards food. I only eat around 500 calories and mostly burn that off by skipping for a... Read More »

Would you consider this an eating disorder?

OK, eating a banana and hot pocket? Is this a balanced diet? A banana is a fruit but you are missing certain key nutients. Eating some grains and vegetables each day are critical. You might hav... Read More »