Did I eat too much TODAY (evening here)?

Answer that is healthy! And a jog ur doing well! Keep it up.

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People! Did I eat too much today! (evening here)!!!?

nooo its definitely not too much!!! that 6 slices of bread may look bad but I used to eat bread on my diet too because it was the only thing i could not stop eating, and it didnt affect me that muc... Read More »

People!! Did I eat too much today Its evening here. Trying to lose weight!?

Yes it very good if your trying to eat less than 1200 calories. But next time avoid the butter because it is fatty. You're doing well!!!! I ate 736 calories today D: didnt realise my tea had so man... Read More »

What have you had for dinner this evening?

i had pork chops, with lots of onions, mushrooms and garlic. And all of that was covered in this spicy korean sauce that my korean roomate told me about. soooooooooo good.

What Is Evening Colic?

Evening colic is a condition that is common among infants. Many parents are upset or concerned when their babies suddenly go from being happy or even sleeping straight into screaming or weeping, bu... Read More »