Did I eat to much Yesturday?

Answer No, I don't believe you did. Everybody needs to get lost in food once in awhile! I remember my 6th grade teacher...She was a diet-tition (sp.?), he son is a primary care doctor, he daughter was a t... Read More »

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I slept with my new boyfriend for the first time yesturday, we didnt use anything (i know, dont shout at me)?

Old and mature enough to have sex, yet too immature to talk about it....pitiful!!!!!!!

I had a filling in my tooth yesturday and i still can't eat on the side of my mouth i had the filling.?

As many other respondents have already said It sounds as if there is still a problem there, possibly the hole was not completely filled or a nerve left to near to the air giving you trouble.Answer... Read More »