Did I eat alot today Dx?

Answer I think that's pretty healthy, cause PB gives you lots of energy and it's good for you. So no that's not a lot.

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Is this alot to eat today?

Anus bleeding alot today?

They may do X-rays and maybe carefully look (and I put extreme emphasis on careful - they're not rough at all). The paramedics probably won't be needed since that's usually for cases where immediat... Read More »

Wikipedia is crap I heard alot of teachers say, and alot won't accept it as a source, has anyone noticed this?

That's interesting because some university academics have no problem citing Wikipedia in their publications.

Do alot of people edit and mess up articles alot on Wikipedia or is it pretty safe to look up info?

Wikipedia is substantially messed up.Over on Wikipedia, I see a diversionary ploy that is gaining strength. Users of the largest encyclopedia are cautioned by Wikipedia proponents not to believe ev... Read More »