Did I damage my hearing ?

Answer If you feel as if you busted your ear drum then go see a doctor. But I just think that your ear is very exhausted. I'm sure it will go back to normal in a few hours

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Can percocet damage hearing?

Yes, Percocet can damage hearing. Hearing loss and tinnitus can be of the side effects from taking the medication. As with any other medication, side effects will vary from person to person.Source:... Read More »

Can earphones damage your hearing?

If you listen to it very loud for a prolonged amount of time, then yes. It will count as hearing loss later in life.

How do damage to ear drums prevent hearing?

By blood!rjaja's answer:damage to ears prevent hearing by making your ear deaf because of loud noises or cold wind.things almost obove the sound of a lawnmower could damage your hearing such as lou... Read More »

If you shove your LEFT earplug to your RIGHT ear, would that damage your hearing or something O.o?

The angle of the attachment of right plug is different from that of the left and it can not be securely hold to the opposite ear. This can make an imperfect reception.But this is not going to damag... Read More »