Did I break my toe, or is it just bruised?

Answer If you decide to go to the doctors, don't go to the emergency room. No point, they'll do nothing for you. And you'll end up wasting time by waiting endless hours in there. Go to a walk-in clinic, a... Read More »

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Have you ever taken a bad fall, but did not break anything just bruised?

I took a Nasty fall to my lower leg once, after I was not using common sense and holding on my shower curtain rod, standing on the edge of my bathtub to do something. I fell very hard onto the sink... Read More »

Is My Jaw Bruised or Just Sore?

If it is a bruise, it will typically go away in ten days to two weeks. With the pain you're sustaining, I would think that you may have partially unhinged your jaw bone. I think that you should p... Read More »

Do you think my rib is cracked or just bruised?

You always apply ice to any trauma for the first 36-48 hours. This is to decrease pain and swelling (heat will increase swelling due to increasing the blood flow and hence pain); after the initial... Read More »

Is my arm broken Or just really bruised?

It probably is broken but if i were you i would go to a doctor.