Did I break my finger or what?

Answer did u lost?????hehe j/k its not broken it just really hurts try moving it all the time and it would go away but its not brokend so dont worry p.s hope it help

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How do I break my own finger?

are you seriously asking this? if you dont want to do something dont do it simple say you dont want to be the team captain anymore. dont go breaking fingers thats nuts!

Did I break my finger?

Did the pain hurt all night and keep you awake? Was there swelling and has the swelling gone down? Can you feel the bone sticking up anywhere? Is the finger now crooked? A break usually hurts a... Read More »

Can you break your middle finger?

There's not a bone in the human body that can't be broken.

How to break your finger REALLY easily?

Obviously there is more too this story than is being asked.You really want to break it!! You REALLY want that!!?? Go to a doctor and ask him to break it for you. I'm sure they will do it for the ... Read More »