Did I ask for this (cancer)?

Answer My dad had bowel cancer operated on twice, prostate cancer radiated in December is 80 years old and fairly healthy now..I think with a good encologist you have a fair chance of living longer than y... Read More »

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Why is cancer so common now Cancer use to be this strange disease that appeared to be rare. Why?

Once you finnish with my post you will become very angry because the cure for cancer was found 50 years ago but it is suppressed and kept from you because ethe cancer business is very profitable.Un... Read More »

Am i having a cancer the doctor said that this symptoms may lead to cancer?

you are having a drama day.…

I Saw, This Morning ("House Call", CNN), people Saying that "Cancer Rates Are Falling", Do they Mean, "Cancer-?

Agree with ZrepMD and Panda - - as usual.Here's the ACS data doctor Greg562,340 deaths in 2009 from cancer (estimated)565,650 deaths in 2008 Lung cancers in the USA peaked in the 1990's when I was ... Read More »

Im scared of having cancer is this cancer?

Picking a mole doesn't cause cancer. If you've had the mole all your life then it can't become cancerous so your in the clear