Did I Eat Okay Today?

Answer Well how tall and fat you are just depends on that. You are meant to get 2000 calories in a day so yeah you have under eat. To be honest i'm slightly worried for u

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Did i eat to much today Is my diet okay?

Nope! For a 16-year-old girl at 5'4" weighing 137 pounds, you need 1680 calories a day purely for functioning. (This means it doesn't include exercise). Basically, you need to eat at least 1680 cal... Read More »

Blood sugar was low this morning is it okay for me to work out today?

Work out for about half of what you normally do and check your blood sugar again. If its okay you can continue your work out. Stop immediately if you feel dizzy or weak.

I was in a car accident today. I feel okay now but can I develop injuries later?

If you sustained any injuries as a result of the collision, you have them now. You may feel fine, but the hurt can begin later. You should get checke out. If you wait too long, you may compound ... Read More »

I just got a tooth extraction on tuesday around 4pm today is thursday is it okay to smoke now?

See if you can quit smoking! That'd be awesome. Smoking leads to disaster and is very bad for you. If you can quit, do it! It'll totally be worth it.