Did I Break My Baby Toe?

Answer That sounds painful to me! I read this site that might help with your swelling but as suggested on that site you should get it checked out.

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How soon can you break baby from bottle?

I have herd as soon as they cut the first teeth. I have also herd around one year old. I have an 11 mth old i am wondering the same thing but just that i would tell you what ive been told

How does a baby get oxygen once the waters break?

Answer The oxygen still comes through the placenta and umbilical cord just as it has all pregnancy. The cord and placenta are within the bag and attached to the mother so nothing changes in that re... Read More »

Can a baby break a bone in the womb?

i wouldnt think that you could break a bone by sitting down as the baby is nicely wrapped up inside you. And since the baby's bones are so small i doubt you should be able to actually hear it crac... Read More »

How to Break Bad Sleep Habits in a Baby?

Getting a baby to sleep is not an easy task. Especially if he has bad sleeping habits already ingrained in him. A sleep-deprived baby has a bad effect on the whole family. Usually a baby who has no... Read More »