Did I Break My Baby Toe?

Answer That sounds painful to me! I read this site that might help with your swelling but as suggested on that site you should get it checked out.

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How to Break Bad Sleep Habits in a Baby?

Getting a baby to sleep is not an easy task. Especially if he has bad sleeping habits already ingrained in him. A sleep-deprived baby has a bad effect on the whole family. Usually a baby who has no... Read More »

Can a baby break a bone in the womb?

i wouldnt think that you could break a bone by sitting down as the baby is nicely wrapped up inside you. And since the baby's bones are so small i doubt you should be able to actually hear it crac... Read More »

How soon can you break baby from bottle?

I have herd as soon as they cut the first teeth. I have also herd around one year old. I have an 11 mth old i am wondering the same thing but just that i would tell you what ive been told

Can a 10 month old baby break their nose?

yes the impact of the force can break the nose bone and put the baby the baby in serious agony.