Did Gracie have children or family?

Answer Truthfully, your relationship is going to get better, because your not constently with them.

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Can a family move if they have foster children?

If you move out of state you might lost subsity for the children. It depends on where you live you have to ask a case worker.

How many children does the average American family have?

According to the 2000 Census, the average number of children per American family unit is 1.86. The census bureau also breaks down the number for each individual state; Utah has the highest average ... Read More »

Does a Department of Family and Children Services worker have to do the drug test in front of you?

Typically they send you to the hospital to take these drug tests required family court. Unless they specify that you be watched you should go into a bath room with a cracked door and proper personn... Read More »

If you have young siblings, children, family members, etc. what music will you influence them with?

Sounds like you're trying to be a good influence on your siblings. Bravo for you. Yes, I agree with you! Where are the parents? Sounds like your sibs look up to you and if you say something is c... Read More »