History of the Declaration of Independence?

Answer Every American will claim to know what the Declaration of Independence is, but are they all capable of explaining its contents? This document was signed in 1776 by America's founding fathers to dec... Read More »

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How well is the US upholding the principles of the declaration of independence?

We are doing pretty well. We have the freedom of speech, religion and even carer. But....... If you are applying for a job people can judge you on your race religion even looks. Which i thing is no... Read More »

How to Cite the Declaration of Independence in APA Format?

A writing style guide is an important resource when trying to emulate a certain style, but it can be next to impossible for a style guide to cover everything you might need to know. The American Ps... Read More »

In what Washington DC neighborhood can you find the Department of Defense and the George Washington University?

How to File a Declaration of Homestead in Washington?

Washington, like many other states, has a homestead law that protects small property holders from the seizure of their homes on account of personal debts. You only can file a declaration of homeste... Read More »