Did Frederick Jones have any siblings?

Answer Yes. He. Had. 40

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Who is Frederick Mckinley Jones?

Frederick McKinley Jones lived from 1893 to 1961 and was one of America's most prolific black inventors of his time. During his life, Jones held 61 patents, including 40 for refrigeration equipment... Read More »

What is Frederick McKinley Jones famous for?

Frederick McKinley Jones is most famous for the invention of the automatic refrigeration system used in trucks and train cars. He was one of the most prolific African-American inventors in history... Read More »

What did Frederick McKinley Jones invent?

According to the Minnesota Historical Society, Frederick McKinley Jones is most known for his 1935 invention of a mechanical refrigeration system for use in trucks. This invention of mobile refrige... Read More »

Who is Frederick McKinley Jones and what did he accomplish?

Frederick McKinley Jones was an African-American inventor, born in 1893 in Kentucky. He is best known for being awarded 40 patents for his road refrigeration devices for trucks. He died in 1961.Ref... Read More »