Will i ever get married?

Answer Don't stress about it. Enjoy yourself. By being content as a single (and not angry about it), you'll be that much more attractive to men. Chill and enjoy the journey. Blessings.

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Was Johnny Carson ever married?

He was married to these four people. 1. Joan Morrill Wolcott from 1949-1963. 2. Joanne Copeland from 1963-1972. 3. Joanna Holland from 1972-1985. And 4. Alexis Maas from 1987-2005.

Was Oprah Winfrey ever married?

No she has not because she says its too much comitment

Did Oprah Winfrey ever get married?

No,but she has been "dating" Stedman Graham.

Was David Letterman ever married?