When did Michael Jordan retire from the NBA and what team did he retire from?

Answer Michael Jordan retired from professional basketball after the 2002-2003 season. He was playing with the Washington Wizards when he retired. He played 12 of his 14 seasons with the Chicago Bulls whe... Read More »

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When did Michael Jordan retire from the NBA& what team did he retire from?

Michael Jordan retired three times from professional basketball. He twice retired from the Chicago Bulls, in October 1993 and again in January 1999. He came out of retirement a second time to sign ... Read More »

Opinions on Eminem.. and BQ?

My favorite album Eminen album is Marshall Mathers LP.B.Q 1 : Top 5 albums (no particular order) :# Illmatic : Nas# The Infamous : Mobb Deep# The Chronic : Dr. Dre# Marshall Mathers LP : Eminem# Me... Read More »

For or against Eminem Why?

Im for Eminem. Mainly because he is original and a real person. He says whatever he wants thats on his mind opposed to other artists directing what they say to what others want to hear.

How to Appreciate Eminem?

Most, if not all of us, know who Eminem is-the world famous rapper who started off small and ended up huge. Eminem is extremely talented, not to mention popular, but a lot of people, including pare... Read More »