Did Elisha Graves Otis have siblings?

Answer 1.) Rebbie Jackson (May 29th, 1950) 2.) Jackie Jackson (May 4th, 1951)3.) Tito Jackson (October 15th, 1953)4.) Jermaine Jackson (December 11th, 1954)5.) La Toya Jackson (May 29th, 1956)6.) Ma... Read More »

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What happens to graves?

actually, they do eventually run out of space. How it is handled varies from country to country, and for a variety of reasons. Availability of land can be an issue (especially in older, larger cit... Read More »

What did Otis do on the BBC?

yes! there is a world service, a news channel that be seen abroad, even BBC America and otehr stations like that :)

How to Play Otis?

Otis is a strategic and simple, mouse-driven, computer game that can be run on Macs. The object of the game is to gain the most points by removing all the blocks on the board by clicking on groups ... Read More »

Who is Otis boykins?

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