Did / Does TTC put a strain on your relationship?

Answer Yes it does, we were in the same situation, we got to a point where we were fighting and arguing ALOT, and we finally had a breakdown one night and we really talked about it and he actually told me... Read More »

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How to Approach a Personal Relationship As a Successful Business Relationship?

The hands never lie ...We as individuals have been raised in a world where deception is taken for granted, and nothing is as it seems to be.Mankind are not liars, they are merely economic with the ... Read More »

If someone's facebook status says "In a relationship" but it doesn't say with whom, is it a real relationship?

ya it just means they dont want anyone to know who their dating or the person there in a relationship with doesnt have a facebook.

What's your fav strain?

Is this muscle strain?

i don't think it can be cured in one day but i suggest resting it could be muscle strain