What was that TV show in the '90s that had kids mail in short fictional stories and the show would act them out and was NOT called Kids' Writes but may have had 'creative' or 'inspire' in the title?

Answer Haha! I was looking for it for about 5 minutes and I found it, I gave up after about 2 and then I was just looking and his little head popped out at me :]It's on the right hand side, near the botto... Read More »

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What is the game show called where you have to bounce off the big blue balls?

a killer penguin jumped in and ate all of the riders and the host

What tv show is the character called beans a ginger kid from i think its an American tv show?

What is the science fiction TV show that takes place in space the captin is called max and there is a light pink purple girl with a tail called?

Andromeda. It is awesomely campy and the purple girl changes in the later seasons (i'm not telling why or how). It is one of my favorites and i recommend it.

What is that game show called on TV where they show you an item and you're supposed to guess how much it costs?

You're referring to the game show called The Price is Right.