Is ciara female or male?

Answer Singer Ciara, originally named Ciara Princess Harris, is a woman. She was born in Austin Texas on October 25, 1985. She released her third album "Fantasy Ride" in May of B... Read More »

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How to Look Like Ciara?

Do you totally idolize Ciara? Do you want to look like Ciara?If so, you need to read this guide!

Who do you thinks better Rhianna or Ciara?

How to Dance the Matrix Like Ciara?

When you see Ciara dancing you may think it is impossible to do the dance moves she does. When you try it, it is really simple, just a bit of practice and you got it.

Why can't bird cages for pools commonly used in Florida be used in the north?

AnswerYou can do whatever you like to your pool. Commercially there would be exit and height regulationsBird cages for pools don't work up north because the roof will not support the weight of snow.