Did Calvin die in House of pain?

Answer No, he just got shot. It was in the final season

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What is calvin's real name from tyler perry's house of payne?

Who are the members of house of pain?

House of Pain is an Irish-American hip hop group that spawned the hit song "Jump Around" in 1992. All three of its members have gone on to have success and collaborate with major artists. The group... Read More »

How do you avoid back pain when house cleaning?

Answer HI I have experienced back pain quite a bit. I hurt my back by just picking up my daughter too much. After going through physical therapy I learned how to take care of my back. I suggest tak... Read More »

Every bone in my body is sore (just painted outside of the house). Need pain killers and way to relax. How?

Try sweet talking someone into going to Boots for you and getting a box of Dead Sea Salts. A handful of that in a warm bath and you'll be right as rain in no time! It's a miracle worker!!!If you ca... Read More »