Did Barney ever hit a kid?

Answer well on barneys show it hasnt showed that he has but who knows barney is full of mysteries just like you and me but dont think he definitly has cause as i say its a mysterie if you really wanna kno... Read More »

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How can barney the backyard show be the first episode of barney if on a day at the beach the didn't even know who barney was?

a day at the beach was suppose to be the 1st episode. the directer forgot to film a day at the beach 1st. I am guessing that the backyard gang had no idea. but trust me. I had the same question whe... Read More »

Do You like barney barney is cool barney is purple hes a big dino?

Barney is an educational program in the US for children. He teaches manners and morals without reference to religion. There are people who intensly dislike the program and it's inane host. But it d... Read More »

What are the lyrics to the song Emma sung on the Barney Episode Bonjour Barney and Friends?

Was Barney kicked off Barney and Friends for drug abuse?