Did Aztecs use any oil in their cooking?

Answer They didn't use oil since the cooking was done in clay pots. Even the comal was clay even though a majority of native communities use metal now.You can use ground corn flour. It will work since tha... Read More »

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Why do slugs melt when cooking salt is put on their body?

The process of osmosis involves the movement of solutions, and specifically the solvent - water - from low concentration to high concentration environments.Thus, a slug has far lower salt within i... Read More »

How do you nicely tell someone that their cooking is erm... far from delicious?

My husband does it in a joking manner and let's me know that he really appreciates me going through the trouble of cooking but that it tastes bad, and then we laugh about it. I'm not a very good co... Read More »

Why do japanese wash their rice so many times before cooking it,what is the reason any benefit from it?

Traditionally Japanese washed their rice to purify the flavor and to remove any impurities remaining in the dry rice but for now, people wash to remove excessive starch clinging to the outside of t... Read More »

Cultural Elements of the Aztecs?

The nomadic ancestors of the Aztecs entered present-day central Mexico in the 14th century. By the time the Spanish arrived, their Empire, or Triple Alliance, was the dominant military and politica... Read More »