Diamonds Found in Rocks?

Answer Diamonds are formed through a combination of high heat and extreme pressure. Diamonds are found in different sizes, qualities, colors and rocky locations around the world and outside of the world. ... Read More »

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Where on earth are diamonds found?

There are large diamond mines spread around the world, including in Botswana, Australia, Brazil, Namibia, India, South Africa, Russia and Canada. Conflict diamonds--which are diamonds mined in war-... Read More »

Where are the largest diamonds found?

Although Russia is the world's top diamond-producing country, the largest diamonds are generally found in South Africa. Of the 10 largest diamonds in the world, seven were mined in South Africa and... Read More »

Where are diamonds found today?

Diamonds are found in environments that have Kimberlite Rock, Placer Deposits or Alluvial Deposits. This includes 35 countries worldwide, including Africa, India, Russia, Australia, China and North... Read More »

Where are loose diamonds found?

Loose surface diamonds have been found on almost every continent, with the exception of Antarctica and western Europe. Some of the best places to find them are North America, southern Africa, Austr... Read More »