Dialysis Question?

Answer Lasix is a diuretic that Is used for the removal of fluid.It will through the fluid removal cause some of the excess protiens in your blood to be flushed out through the kidney's. Therefore improvi... Read More »

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How to Eat While on Dialysis?

When kidneys are healthy, they act as the tool to remove waste from your blood by way of excreting it via your urine. If you are having issues with your kidneys, though, you will need to learn how ... Read More »

How to Travel While on Dialysis?

The following guidelines may be helpful for all kidney patients, including predialysis patients and transplant patients wishing to travel while on dialysis.

What is dialysis nursing like?

Dialysis is a treatment that performs the function of the kidneys when a patient's kidneys are no longer working. Dialysis nurses help these patients by having positive attitudes and the focused kn... Read More »

Traveling with dialysis?

Given all of the fluids and the equipment you need to exchange the dialysate with PD I am guessing the answer is no. You'd probably have to arrange for HD treatments, assuming this is even possible... Read More »