Dialated to 2.... want to have beby with in 24 hours?

Answer Have sex, then immediatly take a HOT shower, and use nipple stimulation. Then your water should break. *make sure your man ejaculates in you*

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Can you have sex still if you are 3cm dialated?

Answer Yes, you can. Unless your water is broken, you can still have sex safely no matter how dilated you are. It's actually good for you as it releases oxytocin and helps to soften the cervix. Se... Read More »

If you are 3cm dialated how soon will labor come?

When your baby is ready. Dilation is no indicator of labor.

Im getting my eyes dialated Friday what does that mean?

They make your pupils big with an eye drop, it doesn't hurt. They might also give you special sunglasses because the bright sun can hurt your eyes. They will be able to observe your eyes better w... Read More »

You are 38 weeks 2cm dialated and 75 effaced?

You are on your way, but it could be some time yet. The baby will come in its time.