Dial-O-Gram Instructions?

Answer The Dial-O-Gram is a mechanical gram scale that is commonly found in high school classrooms and laboratories. The Dial-O-Gram scale is durable and has an all metal base and beam with aluminum press... Read More »

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How to Use a Dial a Gram Scale?

Ohau's Dial-O-Gram scale is an easy to use analog scale often found in classroom settings. When using your Dial-O-Gram, make sure that it is placed on a flat, level setting. When it is not in use, ... Read More »

How much more energy does 1 gram of uranium produce than 1 gram of coal?

One gram of uranium can produce about 3 million times as much energy as a gram of coal. A gram of uranium-235 can release about 23 megawatt hours of heat. You’d need 3 tons of coal to generate th... Read More »

Is influenza gram positive or gram negative?

Answer Neither - the influenza VIRUS is not typed by gram stains - only bacteria are.

Im trying to dial this number whats the correct way to dial it+86.133.28848826?

That depends on where you are, and whether you are using a landline or mobile phone.If you are using a landline phone, dial the international access code (011 in the US and Canada, 00 in Europe, et... Read More »