Dial-O-Gram Instructions?

Answer The Dial-O-Gram is a mechanical gram scale that is commonly found in high school classrooms and laboratories. The Dial-O-Gram scale is durable and has an all metal base and beam with aluminum press... Read More »

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How to Use a Dial a Gram Scale?

Ohau's Dial-O-Gram scale is an easy to use analog scale often found in classroom settings. When using your Dial-O-Gram, make sure that it is placed on a flat, level setting. When it is not in use, ... Read More »

How much more energy does 1 gram of uranium produce than 1 gram of coal?

One gram of uranium can produce about 3 million times as much energy as a gram of coal. A gram of uranium-235 can release about 23 megawatt hours of heat. You’d need 3 tons of coal to generate th... Read More »

Is influenza gram positive or gram negative?

Answer Neither - the influenza VIRUS is not typed by gram stains - only bacteria are.

If i put two dial up modems in my comp and dial up with two different phone lines will it be faster or?

It depends on your ISP. Around here, before broadband become relatively common, some ISPs would (for an extra charge, as I recall), allow you to set up two modems and dial in on both at the same t... Read More »