Diagnostics for an Auto Brake Problem?

Answer The brake systems on modern automobiles are both effective and reliable; however, from time to time problems can arise. Normally there will be warning signs before a problem develops into a catastr... Read More »

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Caravan Auto Power Window Problem?

The Dodge Caravan is manufactured with optional power windows that may encounter several issues that prevent the window from operating correctly. The most common is power loss, caused by a short or... Read More »

Troubleshooting a Dodge Dakota Brake Problem?

The Dodge Dakota pickup truck is designed with a hydraulic master cylinder braking system, which uses front disc and rear drum components that can wear out and fail. Troubleshooting a Dakota brake ... Read More »

Chevy Truck Brake Adjustment Problem?

Over the years, the Chevy truck has seen two basic brake system designs. The servo-type drum brake system uses unequal length shoes, a cable and lever activated parking brake, and a self-adjuster t... Read More »

How to Use Auto Slack Brake Adjusters?

Auto slack brake adjusters are related to the air brake system of an automobile. To use them properly, they must be accurately positioned. A correctly set slack adjuster will maintain even wear amo... Read More »