Diagnosed with sciatica this morning?

Answer Sciatic is just the name of a nerve. It gets painful and inflamed because of a postural problem in the lower back and pelvis.The only way to really help it is chiropractic care. Get one off your ... Read More »

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My wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer this morning. She attacked the Doctor and was arrested.?

No.Less than 2 minutes after asking this question you asked if hurricanes were caused by god sneezing.;…So you can't be too concerned about your wife's medi... Read More »

My mother has been diagnosed with metastatic adenocarcinoma with mucinous features. What does this mean?

What this is basically saying is that she has cancer that was originally cervix/womb (which was removed in a hysterectomy in 2009) and has now spread to other locations ("metastatic")."Note: sympto... Read More »

Your son was diagnosed with coxsackie virus is it ok for us to fly He was diagnosed today and you leave tomorrow?

I would think that a quick call to your pediatrician will get you an answer from a qualified medical professional.

Sore on my top lip...on my lip line and woke up this morning with this please help!?

Cold sores are a virus , you don't have to have a boyfriend to contract one and virginity has nothing to do with it . It probably is a cold sore that you have and it would be advisablee to buy or a... Read More »