Diagnosed with sciatica this morning?

Answer Sciatic is just the name of a nerve. It gets painful and inflamed because of a postural problem in the lower back and pelvis.The only way to really help it is chiropractic care. Get one off your ... Read More »

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My wife was diagnosed with terminal cancer this morning. She attacked the Doctor and was arrested.?

No.Less than 2 minutes after asking this question you asked if hurricanes were caused by god sneezing.;…So you can't be too concerned about your wife's medi... Read More »

Your son was diagnosed with coxsackie virus is it ok for us to fly He was diagnosed today and you leave tomorrow?

I would think that a quick call to your pediatrician will get you an answer from a qualified medical professional.

What is sciatica and how do I know if I have it?

You have pinched muscles in your back to cause the pains in your upper and lower back. When the muscles in the lower back are pinched they can press into the nerves leaving the spine that go to th... Read More »

Can I run with sciatica?

On One Hand: You Can Run With Sciatica.Sciatica is inflammation of the sciatic nerve, a nerve that runs from your lower back down to your toes. Sciatic nerve inflammation is often caused by a herni... Read More »