Diagnodent laser cavity detection...ever hear of it What do you think?

Answer Like Helen, I too use the Diagnodent. The fissures must be clean of plaque before testing or you will get false positives. I consider anything above 35 to be suspicious.However, it should not be us... Read More »

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I think I have a pretty big cavity?

You should act immediately on your cavity, you could get to your dentist and get some treatment. You need to really visit a dental professional since he/she will cleanse the decay. It won't disappe... Read More »

Help! I think i have a cavity?

You should see if it feels kind of soft or easy to push in like if you get something sharp and poke it does it go into the tooth that usually means there might be a cavity. (sorry i didnt understand)

When you hear Colorado, what do u think of?

I live in Colorado too and that's the same thing I'm wondering. What's happening to our state? My friend was at the shooting at the theater and luckily he got out safely but he still saw people get... Read More »

When you hear Jonas Brothers you think what?

cute, hott, love their songsbtw- some of you ppl answering this are stupid their not gay there bothers and your all loser's