Diabetics: When you order diet soda in a restaurant,?

Answer I carry a few those urine glucose test strips in my purse. If I order something in a restauraunt and I don't know if I got what I ordered, I can secretely dip the test strip into the drink and find... Read More »

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What do you usually order when eating at a restaurant?

Whatever pizza they have that is just like cheese on it, I'm fussy and I never know what anything is in restaurants so yeah lol.ooooh or if mcdonalds: Large quarter pounder meal with fries and coke... Read More »

Diet soda that most tastes like regular soda?

Lots of Diet Dr. Peppers here, so I won't argue with that.Coke Zero tastes roughly like a cross between Diet Coke and Coke.

Can people taste the differents between diet soda and regular soda?

I can tell the difference between regular and diet soda by both taste and smell. I can't stand diet - it tastes phony and has too many chemicals in it, plus I am allergic to artificial sweeteners ... Read More »

Why is diet soda worse to drink than regular soda?

Aspartame (sweeteners) are really bad for your health