Diabetes possibly My grandma has diabetes She fainted PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!?

Answer Hypokalemia (Low potassium in the blood): In severe cases, patients can develop paralysis that can be life threatening. Hypokalemia also can lead to dangerous irregular heartbeat. Over time, lack o... Read More »

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If grandma has diabetes, and great grandma...can i have it?

I saw an answer to this question about diabetes and I just wanted to let you know that the info was a little mixed up. Please don't take offense; I just think it is important people have their inf... Read More »

Can I possibly have diabetes at 16?

Yes, my crush got diabetes when she was 16 but it is rather rare so I wouldn't be too worried. Just get a blood sugar test or go see your doctor. The real tell-tale signs are extreme thirst and fre... Read More »

Can I possibly have diabetes?

High blood pressure is a sign of preeclamsia. This is a dangerous disease that only occurs in pregnancy.You should seek out a complete physical .

Could I possibly have diabetes?