Device name for usb transfer between computers?

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How can I transfer files between two computers?

yes that's exactly how you do it! Attach the cord to each computer. Assuming you are using windows, click the start button in the corner, then click on my network places, finally click "set up a sm... Read More »

How can I link 2 seperate computers together so as i can transfer files between the 2?

cheapest way is to use a cross over ethernet cablethis is not the same as a standard ethernet cableconnect the two pc.s via the ethernet portson pc1open view network connections and select the loca... Read More »

Can you use a firewire cable IEEE 1394 cable to transfer data between two computers?

YES. Even a Mac to a PC. However it requires setup. And no $1 FW cables.PC: Firewire ie1394 device - check if enabled and functioning in device manager. Services - same need to be runnin... Read More »

Can input devices ever be an output device in computers?

Input devices bring data to the computer to be processed. Some common input devices are the mouse, keyboard and microphone. Output is the result of the computer processing information. Output can b... Read More »