Device name for usb transfer between computers?

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Can input devices ever be an output device in computers?

Input devices bring data to the computer to be processed. Some common input devices are the mouse, keyboard and microphone. Output is the result of the computer processing information. Output can b... Read More »

What device connects two or more computers to a single cable modem?

A router is used to connect two or more computers to the Internet. A router acts as a dispatcher by choosing the optimal path for information to travel so that it sent and received quickly, accordi... Read More »

How do you transfer ipod library to your device?

Answer You can sign in to your account on that computer and add his or her's music files to your library and then sync the iPod.

How to Start Using the Pinnacle Video Transfer Device?

The Pinnacle Video Transfer Device was the latest and recent product from the company, Pinnacle. It is a video transfer device (hence the name). And it records stuff onto a iPod, PSP, Hard Drive, a... Read More »