Device Manager Problem?

Answer what kind of virus protector u have? I have had the same problem before with my device manager not showing the things And the error kernal32. If i remember right I had to reinstall my virus protect... Read More »

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Modem problem Help.... when i plug in my usb modem usb manager shows no device ?

Check the modem on a second computer to see if it is okay.. How to trouble shoot and fix your Wireless and wired internet connection.… Read More »

Recently reinstalled Windows XP, now 'NO SOUND DEVICE' but in Device Manager: Everything working properly!?

Hey babe, try installing the software discs that came with the lappy. Or could always go into control panel . . . open the system folder . . . find the sound devices and remove anything wit... Read More »

How to Install Drivers From the Device Manager?

Windows is an operating system that allows choices--a lot of choices. One of the main complaints about the operating system, in fact, is that you can do the same thing in so many different ways. In... Read More »

How do I update drivers from the Device Manager?

Windows Device Manager UtilityRight-click on "My Computer," and choose "Properties" from the pop-up menu. The "System Properties" window opens up. Select the "Hardware" tab, and click on the "Devic... Read More »