Development of Multimedia Tools to Teach a Second Language?

Answer Teaching a second language can be as difficult as learning one. Keeping students interested and motivated in learning another language will require ingenuity and novel techniques. Using multimedia ... Read More »

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Multimedia Tools to Help Teach Science?

Multimedia tools use technology and media to enhance the teaching process. When teaching science, you can be more effective by using a wide range of multimedia tools to help students visualize and ... Read More »

Theories of Second Language Development?

Some people are better than others at learning a second language. Second language acquisition theory provides answers to this puzzle. Stephen Krashen, a specialist in language development and acqui... Read More »

Second Language Development in Children?

The two most popular methods for raising bilingual children are One Person One Language and Minority Language at Home according to Christina Bosemark, founder of the Multilingual Children's Associa... Read More »

How to Support Dual CALP Development Among Second Language Learners?

The Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency (CALP) is the ability of a child to academically master a second language. Experts believe that when a child is learning English as a second language, th... Read More »