Detox Cleanse that actually tastes good..?

Answer Well, your body's usually pretty good at clearing out the junk, so if you just stop consuming crap (basically, anything processed) for a few days, you'll probably be pretty well de-toxed. There are... Read More »

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Any advice on a juice cleanse/detox?

Don't do it. If you want to lose weight, eat a healthy diet with the proper portions and get on an exercise regimen.This is the best way to lose weight and keep it off.

Is there any beer that actually tastes good?

If you mean easier to drink. You want a sweeter beer. Try Boddingtons it comes in a tall yellow can very smooth and easy to drink. Another sweeter beer is Pyrimid Hefewiezen. Put a lemon wedge and ... Read More »

Do you REALLY think beer tastes good?

I love the taste of beer, To me it's a nectar....

How can you not eat meat when it tastes so good?

It doesn't. The scent that slaughterhouses emanate is nothing I would describe as appetizing... My body is not a graveyard for the decomposing carcasses of disease-ridden animals. Is yours?