Detergents That Are Safe to Swallow?

Answer Detergents are cleaning agents that improve the ability of water to penetrate fabric to break down dirt, grease and grime, similarly to soap. The difference is that detergents are derived from orga... Read More »

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Is it safe to swallow sperm while your pregnant if that sperm is herpes positive?

It's probably not safe to swallow H+ sperm whether you're pregnant or not. I am not a clinical doctor, but this is a question you should ask him or her for a definitive answer to.(And trust me, you... Read More »

Are fragrance detergents or plain detergents better for laundry?

On One Hand: Plain DetergentsPlain laundry detergents, or those without added scents, are better for your skin and your clothes. Detergents with artificial scents can cause skin irritation and leav... Read More »

Which laundry detergents are SLS-free that I can buy at the big stores?

I don't think you will find sodium lauryl sulfate-free detergents at supermarkets. Your best bet is to shop at health food stores or to buy on line. Here is a short list of sodium lauryl sulfate-... Read More »

Detergents That Soften Hard Water for Bathing?

Hard water refers to water with a high mineral concentration. It can cause soap and detergent not to lather properly. It can also stress the plumbing in your house. Hard water leaves a white or g... Read More »