Details & Specifications on a 1996 Mitsubishi L300 2.5D?

Answer The 1996 L300 2.5D is a van made by Mitsubishi that is also known as the Delica or quite simply as the Mitsubishi Van. It is part of a range of multipurpose vehicles (MPVs) that date back to 1968. ... Read More »

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1996 Mitsubishi L300 Van 2.5D Specifications?

Mitsubishi began producing its L300, also called a Delica, in the 1980s. This rear-wheel drive minivan was not available in the United States. In 1996, this vehicle was sold only in Japan, where it... Read More »

Specifications for a 2003 Saturn L300?

The L300 is part of Saturn's 2003 L-Series, a line of cars and station wagons. The L300 is a four-door sedan originally priced just below $21,000. As of late 2010, the 2003 L300 is valued between $... Read More »

Specifications & Details for a 1998 Ford Explorer?

In 1991, Ford debuted the Explorer as a compact sport utility vehicle. For 12 years the Ford Explorer came in four-door as well as two-door models. In 2004, the Explorer lineup kicked out the two-d... Read More »

What is the horsepower for the 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse?

The 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse came with a 2.0L four-cylinder engine with an optional turbocharger. In base form, the engine makes 140 horsepower. With the turbocharger, the engine makes 210 horsepowe... Read More »