Despratly need to loose wieght for a medical condidtion?

Answer You are definitely losing calories...don't go by what your scale reads, muscle weighs more than fat...go by when you lose a pant size.

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Im 13 and over wieght i wana know if a guy will ever like me?

First of all don't ever listen to people who aren't the absolute kindest to you, being what is conventionally overweight doesn't make you any less beautiful. You have to like you how you look and I... Read More »

I am 500 pounds, how can i gain more wieght?

Using adderall to lose wieght...?

It suppresses the appetite which is why it helps people lose weight. But there are many other side effects such as:fast, pounding, or uneven heartbeats;pain or burning when you urinate;talking mor... Read More »

How to start wieght lose?

If you want to loose weight just so you can become a model DON'T!You do not need to loose weight to be a model as there are so many different types of modeling you can do from plus size to commerci... Read More »