Desperately needing some help?

Answer There are no such thing in the market. Those wireless speaker are not very dependable, any other electronic in your house hold can disrupt the signal. Even in the very high end system you are not g... Read More »

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I need a job desperately!?

Use initiative, girl!The current malaise in America is a blessing in disguise, as many will soon see. Small businesses will begin popping into existence like popcorn. I suggest you tune in to Dave ... Read More »

I'm desperately trying to have a baby...?

Are you charting your fertile days?This world needs more animal lovers like you. Good luck.

Who gives away free money in NY I need some desperately!?

OK, Im almost certain that no one is going to start giving out money (Sorry, I wish I could find someone to hand me a few hundred every time I need it, too) but if you need money that bad its time... Read More »

Help with testicle problems. Need help desperately!?

1. After surgery, your left testicle should have descended on par with the right one.2. Now, you are as good as anyone to participate in sex and produce children.3. No need to worry about cancer @ ... Read More »