Desoldering Methods?

Answer Repairing electronic systems often requires replacing electronics on circuit boards. When that happens, you will need to desolder (liquefy and remove the metal on the contact). No matter what metho... Read More »

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What is a desoldering pump?

A desoldering pump is a vaccum pump that sucks molten solder from soldered wires or printed circuit boards. It is used in the disassembly and repair of electronic and electrical devices.Bulb TypesT... Read More »

What is a hot air desoldering station?

One tool that is used for the repair of surface mount technology (SMT) circuit boards is the hot air desoldering station. Attached to the pencil-like air blower is a set of controls used to adjust ... Read More »

PhD Research Methods?

PhD students research topics in order to answer specific questions and their research methods do not differ from any other research methods. The two main kinds of research are quantitative and qual... Read More »

Dog Spaying Methods?

According to the Humane Society, animal shelters euthanize half of the 6 to 8 million pets entering them each year. Pet owners that have veterinarians or animal shelters spay their female dogs can ... Read More »