Desktop cleaner burn?

Answer These type of cleaners actually expel liquid CO2 when they are turned upside down and sprayed and when the substance comes in contact with your skin it actually causes frostbite. Unfortunately the... Read More »

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How to Burn CDs on a Desktop Computer?

Recordable CDs can be used to hold data such as documents and images or they can be used to create music CDs. CDs that contains documents and images are called data CDs. The Windows operating sys... Read More »

Is it good to buy all in one desktop pc or ordinary desktop I heard that all in one desktop has issues?

Get a normal desktop. All-In-Ones tend to be like giant laptops - you can't upgrade them. In fact, you void the warranty on some of them if you open them up.... even if you're just cleaning dust.... Read More »

Do your eyes ever BURN BURN BURN?

It sounds like a demon escaped from your eye and now you are pure again! You should keep your eyes closed so that he doesn't get back in there.

My desktop icons and startup bar is gone ....idk how to get them back all i have is a desktop background?

Try the SIMPLE fix firstRIGHT click an area of the blank desktop, select ARANGE ICON BY, then make sure "SHOW DESKTOP ICONS" is ticked.