Designing With a Pergola?

Answer A pergola is one of the easiest additions to backyard landscaping although it can completely change the character of your outdoor space. Pergolas provide only the illusion of shelter, privacy and s... Read More »

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How to Buy a Pergola?

The pergola is a structure that dates back to ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome. Its first modern use was during the early Renaissance, when it became a fixture in Italian gardens and then spread to ... Read More »

Can you barbecue under a pergola?

Yes, you can barbecue under a pergola, which is a traditional structural covering for porches and patios. A pergola has an open or slatted top, which will allow the smoke from the barbecue to escap... Read More »

How far apart should boards be on a pergola?

A pergola or partial patio canopy is often made with wood, allowing filtered sunlight to fall onto a patio. The wooden slats or stringers, as they are sometimes called, should be placed 16 to 24 ... Read More »

DIY Cheap Pergola?

Pergolas generally have three levels of wood. The bottom level is made of the largest wood, the top is the smallest and the middle level has wood sized somewhere between the top and bottom levels. ... Read More »