Desert Tree Types?

Answer Trees that live in a desert habitat are adapted to hot, dry conditions during the day and cold temperatures at night. Many tree species are armed with thorns to discourage deer and other leaf eate... Read More »

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Desert Tree Species?

A desert's chief defining characteristic is a lack of precipitation, but not all deserts consist of the huge barren sand dunes most people imagine when they hear the word desert. Even with very lit... Read More »

How do I care for a desert willow tree?

WaterProvide supplemental water twice a month during the growing season to promote bloom production in the desert willow tree. Soak the soil to a depth of 8 to 10 inches with deep-water application... Read More »

Who is the desert tree frog's predator?

Typically, predators of the desert tree frog include cats, foxes, birds, snakes, weasels and otters. Even larger fish will eat these frogs if they get too close. Many of these predators were introd... Read More »

Dry Desert Soil Types?

Dry deserts receive less than 20 inches of water per year. Lack of rainfall and irrigation play a role in determining a soil's texture, color and acid levels. Other factors like parent rock materia... Read More »