Desert Ecosystems for Kids?

Answer An ecosystem involves all the living and non-living aspects of the area. Desert ecosystems are unusual because they are very dry and have specifically evolved plants and animals that can survive th... Read More »

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What Are the Effects of Driving All Terrain Vehicles in Desert Ecosystems?

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are three- or four-wheeled motorcycle-like vehicles which are intended for off road use and are usually not street legal. Because of their low center of gravity and low... Read More »

Rainforest Ecosystems for Kids?

An ecosystem comprise all of the living and non-living things in an area that interact. Soil, rainfall, lakes, plants and animals are all part of an ecosystem. The tropical rainforest is a complica... Read More »

Aquatic Ecosystems for Kids?

The term "ecosystem" refers to an environment where organisms function along with the non-living elements of that environment interact with each other and form a sort of biological community. Teach... Read More »

The desert light is so bright what is the best way to photograph the desert with a digital camera for the layperson?

Answer Whenever taking a photo try to put the sun directly behind you so that it is lighting up the target. Also your camera may have a setting that will change the exposure time for the picture, l... Read More »