Desert Ecosystems for Kids?

Answer An ecosystem involves all the living and non-living aspects of the area. Desert ecosystems are unusual because they are very dry and have specifically evolved plants and animals that can survive th... Read More »

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What Are the Effects of Driving All Terrain Vehicles in Desert Ecosystems?

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are three- or four-wheeled motorcycle-like vehicles which are intended for off road use and are usually not street legal. Because of their low center of gravity and low... Read More »

Aquatic Ecosystems for Kids?

The term "ecosystem" refers to an environment where organisms function along with the non-living elements of that environment interact with each other and form a sort of biological community. Teach... Read More »

Rainforest Ecosystems for Kids?

An ecosystem comprise all of the living and non-living things in an area that interact. Soil, rainfall, lakes, plants and animals are all part of an ecosystem. The tropical rainforest is a complica... Read More »

What tv series from the 90s where some kids could travel in time or perhaps to another univers They used lightning or electricity you think they lived in the desert Main character was a boy?

It sounds vaguely like the Thunderbirds- who did have a top secret Island Base on Tracy Island, but they were all adults.