Describing Greenhouse Effects?

Answer The term "greenhouse effect" is credited to French scientist Joseph Fourier. In October 1824, he published his theory of how the earth's atmosphere retains heat by making a comparison to the glass ... Read More »

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The Effects of Enhanced Greenhouse Effects?

The enhanced greenhouse effect is the human contribution of greenhouse gasses to the atmosphere, which could lead to devastating changes in climate. As the layer of greenhouse gasses in the atmosph... Read More »

Greenhouse Effects on the Environment?

Anthropogenic global warming, also referred to as global climate change, is a dramatic rise in temperature caused by the use of fossil fuels and other chemicals that create the greenhouse effect. T... Read More »

The Effects of Greenhouse Gasses on Animals?

The effects of increasing levels of greenhouse gases on the Earth's climate will be wide-ranging and as yet somewhat unpredictable. The main greenhouse gases comprise both naturally occurring gases... Read More »

The Definition & Effects of an Enhanced Greenhouse?

The greenhouse effect occurs due to gases within the atmosphere that retain heat, providing stable temperatures suitable for life. The greenhouse gases, which include carbon dioxide, water vapor, m... Read More »