Describe your ideal sandwich?

Answer loads of veggis on a wheat bunlettuce, tomato, gr pepper, cucumber, spinach, red onion, a few black olives, a few jalepenos. top it off with spicey cheese and a sweet onion dressing mmmmmmmmmm yum... Read More »

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Describe an ideal dinner for two at a restaurant somewhere in America?

Cape Cod Mass. In a quaint roof-top restaurant over looking Cape Cod Bay during a full moon. Candles, wine....Calamari Salad with crisp bacon bitsTwin boiled Maine lobstersSteamed mussels with but... Read More »

Chicken Sandwich Rib Sandwich Falafel Sandwich Or Fish Sandwich Which do u like better?

Well the only one I've had out of the 4 choices is chicken sandwich so that's the one I like best.

What do you like on your golden fried fish sandwich sandwich?

YUUUUUUUUUP!!!! Tomato would be an added bonus! :)

Sugar or Honey with your Tea Cucumbers or Mushrooms Tuna Fish sandwich or Corned Beef Sandwich?

HONEY! :)Cucumbers or mushrooms? Well... what am I making or am I eating them just by themselves?Corned beef sandwich... unless I want tuna. lol