Describe what water tastes like?

Answer To me it doesn't taste of anything except the chemicals they add to it when it is at the water works. If I drink tap water it has to be filtered first in my jug and be icy cold. I can't drink it st... Read More »

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Do you think Fiji water tastes better than regular bottled water?

personally, i think it does. i can't describe it but it just tastes cleaner or something.

What would you say black licorice tastes like?

Can someone explain to me what polenta tastes like?

It's kind of tasteless and gritty!!It's kind of like cream of wheat!!you'll be ok if you don't eat it!!

Does anyone know what FREEDOM smells or tastes LIKE?

Freedom... not always lost in another country. Freedom can be lost almost anywhere... even a controlling husband who thinks marriage gives him ownership over every last part of your life and body. ... Read More »