Describe what happens when a baby is born?

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What happens to the umbilical when the baby is born?

Soon after birth the umbilical cord is clamped about 7 to 10mm from the infant's abdomen, the cord is then cut, separating the new born from the placenta. The baby will wear a cord tie or a plastic... Read More »

What happens when a baby is born with no anus hole open?

It gets a colostomy, a opening on the belly where they put the colon and attach a bag to it.

What happens when a baby who was just born turns purple and doesn't cry?

What happens if a new born baby eat fries?

Incomplete question but I know this .A newborn has not developed the ability to eat solid foods.IE no teeth to chew and not accustomed to swallowing solids, only liquids. I think you would know if ... Read More »