Describe what happens after fertilization of plants?

Answer the egg in the plant repeatedly divides and forms an embryo. the embryo becomes surrounded by a hard wall. this hard wall with the embryo inside is known as the seedHope this helps.

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Describe how can fertilization takes place a flower?

Pollination transfers the pollen grain to the stigma. However, for hertilisation to take place, the nucleus of the pollen grain must fuse with the nucleus of the ovum, which is inside an ovule in t... Read More »

How to Describe the Process of Cell Division in Plants & Animals?

A cell is considered to be the smallest unit still classified as a living thing. All plants and animals are composed of cells, which in turn form together to create all the other parts of the organ... Read More »

In vitro fertilization?

Well... no more surprises!Forget that, for real... I want the baby I am supposed to have... male or female... when a sperm fertilizes the egg it becomes hardened enough that no other sperm can pene... Read More »

How much is invitro fertilization?

The cost for in vitro fertilization can run as much as $12,000. However, this is for one cycle. Many couples will need more than one cycle before the procedure works, so the cost could double or tr... Read More »