Describe what happens after fertilization of plants?

Answer the egg in the plant repeatedly divides and forms an embryo. the embryo becomes surrounded by a hard wall. this hard wall with the embryo inside is known as the seedHope this helps.

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Describe how can fertilization takes place a flower?

Pollination transfers the pollen grain to the stigma. However, for hertilisation to take place, the nucleus of the pollen grain must fuse with the nucleus of the ovum, which is inside an ovule in t... Read More »

After fertilization what are the signs 5 days after?

You wouldn't have symptoms just 5 days afterwards. The earliest is 2 weeks later

What happens to plants when you don't care after them?

Depending on where they are planted, they either continue to live on the nutrients available or die from lack of nutrients.

Can period occur after fertilization?

I would have to say that yes it can occur, although it is not likely. I have a cousin who didnt stop having menstrual cycles until her fourth month of pregnancy.